Special Events

"PAR LA MER”, (An Evening By The Sea) Special Event

Wednesday, June 7, 6:00 p.m.

Location, TBA

Wine, Fine Foods and Entertainment to launch the 2023 Vero Beach Film Festival.

Gourmet Dinner


Thursday – Saturday from 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 

Woman’s Club: 1534 21st Street

Relax in the comfort of our exclusive VIP lounge during the four days of the Film Festival. Wines, snacks, lunchtime offerings.

Cinema Premier VIP pass holders only
Tickets at the Door:  $100

Wine Being Poured

THE ADDICT’S WAKE, Special Presentation

Thursday, June 9, 2:00 p.m.

Woman’s Club, 1534 21 St. 

Join Carrie Maynard-Lester, executive director of the Substance Awareness Center of IRC, as she presents the film, “The Addict’s Wake.”  After a crippling series of overdose deaths, residents of a rural county in Indiana decide to “Do Something” differently to fight addiction.  

Included in All Film Festival Passes
Special Individual Ticket Price At The Door:  $10

Aw Socmed Page

VERO VISIONS, Special Presentation

Thursday, June 9, 5:30 p.m.

Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Avenue

Join our own Vero Beach filmmakers for a special Opening Night presentation of their films!

Included in All Film Festival Passes
Special Individual Ticket Price At The Door:  $10

The Poster

VERO VISIONS, Opening Night Party!

Presented by: Mash Monkeys Brewing Co.

Thursday, June 9, 8:00 p.m.

Heritage Center, 2140 14th Avenue 

Join us as we celebrate the return of the festival! Don’t miss the fun!

Party Included in Cinema Select and Cinema Premier VIP Passes
Party Individual Tickets: $50

Beer Toast


Friday, June 10, Noon

Edgewood Eatery, 1327 21st Street

Open only to Filmmakers, Sponsors and VIPs.

Lunch Table

SAFETY LAST! Special Presentation

Starring the Silent Film Superstar Harold Lloyd

Friday, June 10, 5:30 p.m.

Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Avenue

We are honored to be joined by Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of the legendary comedic actor, Harold Lloyd, as she presents one of his most famous films,“Safety Last!” Made 100 years ago, “Safety Last!” includes one of the most iconic images from the silent film era—Harold clutching the hands of a large clock as he dangles from the outside of a skyscraper over the streets of Los Angeles. It is on American Film Institute’s list of 100 most exciting thrill movies in American cinema history and also stars Mildred Davis, Harold’s real-life wife. Lloyd is credited with being responsible for some of the finest comedies ever made and helped to create the movie industry as we know it today.

The presentation will include an interview with Suzanne Lloyd, conducted by her longtime friend, Vero Beach resident Janis Nordstrom.

Directors: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor
Producer: Hal Roach
Run Time: 01:13:00

Safety Last

Uncorked! The Grand Tasting

Presented by: Varietals And More

Friday, June 10, 6:30 p.m.

Heritage Center, 2140 14th Avenue 

Sip vinos from the best wine regions in the world. Enjoy the jazzy vibe of our music trio — and then we’ll continue on pouring more wine and fun!

Party included in Cinema Premier VIP Passes.
Party Individual Tickets At The Door: $50.

Wine Cork


Starring Betty Boop and Popeye The Sailor

Saturday, June 11, 9:30 a.m.

Courthouse Executive Center, 2145 14th Ave

The sons of legendary animator Myron Waldman present the work of their father, along with some of his best “Betty Boop,” “Popeye” and “Casper The Friendly Ghost” cartoons.  

Directors:  Myron, Steven and Bob Waldman


MAKING THE CUT: Film Education in the Liberal Arts Landscape, Special Presentation

Saturday, June 11, 10:30 a.m.

Heritage Center, 2140 14th Avenue

Join Indian River State College’s Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Media Jim Jeffers and Master Instructor of Theatre Alexander Kanter for a discussion of current trends, opportunities, and challenges facing film and video courses at the college level. Through research, personal anecdotes, and examples of student work and feedback, Jim and Alex will explore the state of undergraduate “Film studies” and its relative importance in the past, present, and future of American culture.

Presented by:
Jim Jeffers – Chair of Graphic Design & Digital Media
Alex Kanter – Performing & Visual Arts Department

Irsc Filmmaking

Filmmaker Roundtables, Special Presentation

Presented by: The Fresh Market

Saturday, June 11
Noon for Documentary Filmmakers
2 p.m. for Narrative Filmmakers

Woman’s Club, 1534 21 St. 

Go behind the screen and join our resident filmmakers for a discussion of the tips and techniques they use to produce the films we are enjoying at the film festival!

Special Presentation

Saturday, June 11, 3:00 p.m.

Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Avenue

“Feeling Through” was nominated for the 2021 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.  It’s a coming of age story that follows a homeless teen and his encounter with a DeafBlind man who needs help getting home in the middle of the night.  “Feeling Through” will be shown with the documentary short, “Connecting The Dots,” which explains why and how the film was made. 

Director:  Doug Roland
Executive Producers include actress Marlee Matlin
Run Time: 43:00

WORST TO FIRST: The True Story of Z100 New York,
Special Presentation

Saturday, June 11, 5:30 p.m.

Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Avenue

Join our very special guest, legendary New York DJ Scott Shannon!  He will present his film about how he arrived at a small radio station in the swamps of New Jersey in 1983, and turned it into the New York City Powerhouse, Z100.   The film features interviews with 1980s superstars Jon Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Nile Rodgers, Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne. 

Director:  Mitchell Stuart
Executive Producers include Vero Beach Resident John McConnell
Run Time:  01:04:00

Scott Shannon

“ZOO CREW” 1980s Dance Party

Presented by: The Fresh Market and American Icon Brewery

Saturday, June 11, 6:30 p.m.
Heritage Center, 2140 14th Avenue

Party like it’s 1985!!
Step beyond the velvet rope into the down and dirty 80’s Club Scene – A party inspired by Z100 DJ Scott Shannon and the film Worst to First.

Party Included in Cinema Premier VIP Passes
Party Individual Tickets At The Door: 
$50 for Cinema Select Passholders
$75 for General Public

Dance Party

DANCE FOR FILM, Special Presentation

Saturday, June 11, 7:30 p.m.

Theatre Guild, 2020 San Juan Avenue

Ballet Vero Beach presents a collection of dance films, all shot on location in Florida.  They include two original films by Ballet Vero Beach, Rhythms Of Our Day and the world premiere of Pourquoi. Also included are the full series of promotional films for this year’s National Water Dance, created to bring attention to issues of water in the United States.  The National Water Dance films include performances from Sarasota Contemporary Dance, the Florida State University School of Dance, Olujimi Dance Theatre, the University of Florida Dancers, and Ballet Vero Beach. 

Vb Ballet

WOMEN BEHIND HITCHCOCK, Special Presentation

Sunday, June 12, 12:00 p.m.

Heritage Center, 2140 14th Avenue

Edgar award-winning author Christina Lane discusses the women who helped shape Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematic vision. The presentation includes clips from classic thrillers directed by the ‘master,’ with a fresh take on how his movies were influenced by these ‘mistresses of suspense.’

Christina Lane’s Phantom Lady: Hollywood Producer Joan Harrison, the Forgotten Woman Behind Hitchcock won the Edgar Award and Agatha Award in the Biography category and was selected by Library Journal as one of the Best Books of 2020. She has appeared as a featured guest speaker at the Film Forum NYC, and on NPR and Turner Classic Movies.


COMING UP FOR AIR, Special Presentation

Friday, June 10, 3:00 p.m – Theater Guild 2
Sunday, June 12, 3:00 p.m. – IRC Commission Chambers

This fictional story about Stan, a college student and olympic hopeful, highlights the pressure young people face in order to succeed in today’s culture, potentially leading to tragic consequences. Untreated mental illness has now reached epidemic proportions. Following the screening, Roger Rapoport, the producer/screenwriter, will lead a panel discussion and Q&A session featuring Debra Scuderi-Engle, CEO of Suncoast Mental Health, Wes Samons, Program Director of Suncoast Mental Health and Milo Thornton, Deputy Sheriff in charge of Indian River School Resource Officers on how to improve the community response to mental health crises and where you can already seek help.

Included in All Film Festival Passes
Special Individual Ticket Price At The Door: $10 – Friday, June 10 at Theater Guild 2
FREE TO THE PUBLIC: Sunday, June 12 at The County Commission Chambers

Coming Up For Air Poster

CLOSING AWARDS, Special Presentation

Sunday, June 12, 3:00 p.m.

Majestic Theatre Vero Beach, 940 14th Lane

Applaud all our filmmakers as we announce the Juried and Audience Choice Awards for our Fifth Film Festival and enjoy an encore of some of the winning shorts!



Sunday, June 12, 5:00 p.m.

Hurricane Grill & Wings: 943 15th Place.

Join us after the awards for the Finale Closing Party at Hurricane Grill & Wings across the parking lot from the Majestic Theater  

Party included for Cinema Select and Cinema Premier VIP pass holders. 
Party Individual Tickets At The Door:  $35  
Includes two drinks and hors d’oeuvres. 

Finger Food 2