Dramatic Short Films


Caroline an eight years old little girl from New York spend few days at her grandmother’s house immersed in the country side of Italy called Marche. The grandmother, recently widowed, happy not to be alone, fill the rooms with words, memories and stories from her childhood.  One night while the grandmother sleeps, Caroline sneaks into the old “Officina”, her grandfather’s workshop, here she finds everything as he left it.  Among different rural daily activities, and the visit of a neighbor, Caroline is completely fascinated by this world so different and far from her reality but yet familiar.  When Caroline’s mother, in Italy for a job, comes to her pick up, we will understand that in fact the little girl’s name is not “Carolina”, as always called by the grandmother but Caroline and that she barely speaks Italian.  After a long hug between grandmother and granddaughter, Caroline and her mom leave for the airport.


  • Thursday, 12:00PM at Vero Heritage Center
  • Friday, 5:00PM at Vero Beach Theatre Guild

Director: Alessia Gatti