Coming Attractions

Feeling Through

Nominated for an Academy Award

“Feeling Through,” the first film to star a DeafBlind actor, is a coming of age story that follows a teen wandering the streets of New York when he encounters a DeafBlind man in need of getting home.  An awkward meeting between strangers becomes an intimate bond and a life changing experience.  

Directed by: Doug Roland
Executive Producers: include Marlee Matlin

“Feeling Through” was nominated for a 2021 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.  It will be shown with the new accompanying documentary, “Connecting the Dots,” the back story of how Doug found an appropriate “actor” to play the lead role.  

Calendar Girls

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival​

They are magical reindeers at parties and churches, pink fluffy unicorns at air force reunions, and zombies at retirement homes. They are the Calendar Girls – Florida’s most dedicated dance team for women over 60, shaking up the outdated image of “the little old lady” and calling for everyone to dance their hearts out, while they still can. 

 Directed by: Maria Loohufvud and Love Martinsen.

The Bubble

Everything a pensioner’s heart desires is offered at The Villages, the world’s largest retirement community — from belly dancing to synchronized swimming and golf.  This portrait of the fastest growing “town” in the U.S.  explores its complexities and contradictions while shedding light behind the surface of the gleaming American Dream sold in the brochures.

Directed by: Valerie Blankenbyl

Worst To First

In 1983,  radio station Z100 launched from the swamps of New Jersey, where no artist would venture and the DJs had to buy their own records just to have music to play on air.  DJ Scott Shannon arrived from Tampa to lead a cast of misfits and unknowns who ended up #1 in New York City in just a few months.  The film features industry legends Clive Davis and Elvis Duran, and iconic artists who got their start on Z100 — Jon Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Nile Rodgers, and era superstars, Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne.

Directed by: Mitchell Stuart. 

Executive Producers: include John McConnell of Vero Beach