Farewell Happy Fields

Documentary Short Films

farewell happy fields

Featuring original poetry from award-winning author Fiona Wright, FAREWELL HAPPY FIELDS is a sombre, agonisingly-intimate portrait of an artist seeking treatment for their illness through their work. FAREWELL HAPPY FIELDS is a reflexive documentary following a young filmmaker named Kyle, who while recovering from depression, challenges acclaimed author Fiona Wright to express her experience with anorexia through the performance of one of her poems. As the pressure of the production takes its toll however, devastating memories are relived which threaten to throw the entire film into disarray. A documentary of its own making, Farewell Happy Fields breaks down the barrier between art and artist, capturing the behind-the-scenes interviews and immensely private confessions of Kyle, Fiona and the crew, as the production quietly derails. An intimate and sombre portrait of a filmmaker seeking treatment for their illness in their art, Farewell Happy Fields leads to a heartrending finale which suggests that art might not be able to cure, but it can help reconcile.


  • Saturday, 3:30PM at Vero Beach Museum of Art
  • Sunday, 12:00PM at Costa D’Este

Director: Kyle William McDonnell