A Measure of Time

Documentary Short Films

a measure of time

Inspired by the repetitious patterns found in nature and the woven lines of textiles, glass artist Clare Belfrage is particularly drawn to the layered rhythms that mark growth, change and the passing of time. Her observations of life around her underpins all her work.

The collaboration with Clare, in making “A Measure of Time, was an organic process. She was open to the form of the final film, just wanting to capture the process of her work and the give a sense of the physicality of the making of her works.

Clare’s artworks contains many layers and she invites her audience to look deeper into her work through these layers and she had hoped that like her work, this film would also have that sense. We talked at length about how she thinks and works. The recorded conversation was the base from which her story was constructed.


  • Saturday, 3:30PM at Vero Beach Museum of Art
  • Sunday, 12:00PM at Costa D’Este

Director: Randy Larcombe